What are the roles of buyers and sellers on gemportalonline.com?

What are the roles of buyers and sellers on gemportalonline.com?

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On the GEM online registration platform gemportalonline.com, buyers and sellers have distinct roles that facilitate the procurement process:

Roles of Buyers:

  1. Requirement Posting: Buyers post their procurement requirements and invite bids from registered suppliers.

  2. Tender Management: They manage tender documents, including preparing specifications, terms, and conditions.

  3. Bid Evaluation: Evaluate received bids based on predefined criteria and select the most suitable supplier.

  4. Order Placement: Place orders with selected suppliers and ensure timely receipt of goods or services.

  5. Payment Processing: Ensure timely processing of payments to suppliers upon satisfactory delivery.

  6. Vendor Management: Maintain relationships with suppliers, evaluate their performance, and manage vendor lists.

Roles of Sellers:

  1. Registration and Listing: Sellers register on the platform and list their products or services with detailed descriptions.

  2. Bid Submission: Respond to tenders by submitting bids that meet the requirements of buyers.

  3. Order Fulfillment: Ensure timely delivery of goods or services as per the agreed terms.

  4. Invoicing: Generate and submit invoices for the completed orders through the platform.

  5. Customer Service: Provide support to buyers, address queries, and resolve any issues related to the orders.

  6. Compliance and Updates: Ensure compliance with GEM policies and keep product listings and business information up to date.

These roles ensure a structured and efficient procurement process on gemportalonline.com.

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